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We are a bunch of primary school students interested in coding, gaming and all the other stuff. Do you want to learn about coding?? There will be blogs about gaming, Python, Coding, and general. We are called the Ccs {cloudycodes.com]. Do you want to get smart?I really prefer you this. If you want to be smart come on in and simple, just read to build up your mind.

I am a student who started to love coding . My name is Shayaan and i’m in year 5 . Cloudy codes is my blog where  I  blog about my experiences with online coding ,games, and some nerdy programming languages . I hope y’all enjoy!

Hi guys my name is Rafaan Rizwan.  Love coding and im in year 5. This platform is where i will be posting my lates blogs with my friends. So I hope you guys enjoy!

Hi Im in year 5 and i’ll be doing coding and blogs. My friends and me [shayaan and rafaan] will be doing coding. I hope you enjoy!


Hi my name is Shayaan and i love doing coding.

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