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Townstar (GALA Games)

Townstar (GALA Games)

Townstar is a play-to-earn game where you can earn a lot of money playing it. It’s a boring game for many people but it’s also time consuming and really interesting. It’s a farm game where you have to complete daily challenges to earn rewards. To earn rewards you need to have a NFT (Vox collectibles) and Gala Power. Without these items you won’t be able to earn rewards.

Vox Collectibles

Vox collectibles are NFT’S that is a requirement to Townstar. Sometimes these Vox items are priced really high, sometimes with 500 Dollars and plus. There are many NFT’S like these so you can buy them and invest it in Townstar. Each of these NFT’S give a certain amount of Town coins.

Explanation – Townstar

This game is a farm type of game where you have to grow crops to get points (STARS). After you get a particular amount of Townstars, you completed the challenge. Usually everyday you have to earn 1000 Townstars to get Towncoins from your NFT. You start off with some materials to sell like wheat. Than you slowly start to buy and sell back and forth until you developed a amazing farm with unlimited resources. It’s quite easy after you get the hand of it.

Negative Aspects of the game

  • The game is a 1 month game which means after 1 month, your farm will reset.
  • Really Time Consuming
  • Really boring once you get used to it

Other than this everything is good in Townstar. There are many more games in Gala which I will post.

Townstar First Game for Gala Blockchain Platform - Play to Earn
Developed Town in Townstar

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