The Tasmanian Ship Part 2!

Hi, I’ll be continuing the story Tasmanian ship.

I was in the ship for like 9-10 hrs. I was going everywhere and everyplace. When it was getting darker and darker i started to sleep for 2 , 3 hours. I couldn’t wait to go to the gaming area where you can play so many games.Did you know that there are ten decks of the ship! Wheeeew! thats a lot.

The lowest and the second lowest deck was full of the cars. In the 3rd deck it was the rooms.The 4th deck to the 8th deck was full of rooms for people to stay.The 9th floor was a resting and arcade games area . The tenth floor was the same but with a children playground.


  1. The Tasmanian ship is nearly 28 000 tons to 30 000 tons.
  2. Spirit of Tasmania was built in 1998.
  3. It was build by Kvaerner Masa-Yards in Turku, Finland

“Psss Hey this is just information about the boat its NOT bout coding. Bye”


Ello! My name is Shayaan Ahamed and in this website we will be providing a bunch of info to all of you guys! Enjoy!

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