My first experience

It felt like I never had the courage to start coding. I was constantly thinking that I’m not ready yet, that I have to continue reading and make sure that when I start coding, I would have enough knowledge that would make my first website the best. It stayed that way until I was approached by my very teacher. I was just 8-years old. I knew I had enough knowledge to build a full-advanced website, but I was afraid about how the final result would come out. I finally made the decision. I had no idea if I would be able to achieve all the features requested by my teacher, since I had never built a website before. But I took the project, and challenged myself to do it — and I did it. I was so proud!


Ello! My name is Shayaan Ahamed and in this website we will be providing a bunch of info to all of you guys! Enjoy!

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