The coding Bootcamp was probably one of the hardest, most frustrating and desperate times of my entire life. Sounds awful? Well, you still have time to run away, but if not keep on reading.

9 weeks every day from around 9 o’clock in the morning until 6 p.m full of classes and afterward homework and self-study. Yeah, that is a lot to do, especially since every day there is new information to remember and learn.

However, even though it was really hard, at the same time it was one of the most gratifying experiences of my life.but it was the best experiences for me

Every day you are hustling, learning new stuff trying to keep up and continue to do so throughout the night and on the weekends. I am not trying to exaggerate here — just giving you a real overview of how it is gonna be.but trust me it is fun and easy

Be prepared to have very little free time and get “brain fed” in a very good way, so to speak. Always remember you are not alone in this, you do the Bootcamp with amazing likeminded individuals helping each other and pushing forward together.

Classes will most probably consist of people with a diverse background, some will be absolute beginners, others might have years of experience in other programming languages. Nevertheless, you will all work through it together and even the most seasoned student in your class will learn something from one of the beginners.


Ello! My name is Shayaan Ahamed and in this website we will be providing a bunch of info to all of you guys! Enjoy!

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