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Microbit Learning

Microbit Learning

Hi guys. Yall probably wondering whats a Microbit. Well Ill show a picture of it. Here you go!

BBC micro:bit - Ebotics

Thats a Micro Bit. Its basically a little coding technical game that allows you to play games.

In the back of it ….

BBC micro:bit: how the device works, features, and coding ...

It is all complicated and confusing. A Micro Bit is a little mini-game BUT its not a game that you can just download in app store.

Its a little game that you have to use your laptop and device to upload the games.

When I got my hands on a Micro Bit, I was REALLY confused. My teacher gave me a computer and I got handed a Micro Bit. They told me the basics of it.

Micro:bit - Getting Started — UCL BBC micro:bit tutorial

of the Micro Bit and thats it for now…

Everyday i will be blogging. Bye!

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