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Lua :D

Lua :D

Hi guys, I will be blogging about a programming language. I hope you enjoy!

What is Lua?

Lua is a very strong powerful programming language, and it easy to learn. It can be used to embed into you application. Lua is lightweight  embeddable scripting language. It is used for all sorts of applications, from games to web applications and image processing.

Is Lua worth learning?

Lua is a nice language, some games engine use it for scripting. Conky also uses it for the same thing so i prefer you try Lua. Lua is VERY EASY and it worth learning.


  • Lua was appeared at 1993.
  • It was invented by Roberto Lerusalimschy Waldemar.
  • Lua is used for many thing and is WIDELY used for video games like ROBLOX.

Guys, Thats the end of this blog. I hoped you Guys learned something and enjoyed too! Bye!!

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