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Hi guys welcome back to another blog today we are gonna talk about haskell

If you guys don’t know what is haskell don’t worry cause you are going to learn in todays blog

What is haskell used for?

Haskell is a general purpose language that can be used in any domain and used case,it is ideally suited for proprietary business logic and data analysis

Is haskell faster than python?

Speed – python is an interpreted language while haskell is a compiled language. Both the languages are high-level languages. However, haskell has more optimized native-code compilers which make it faster than Python at any given instance.


  • Haskell is a pure functional language where pure parts are forcefully kept seperate form impure parts.
  • It was invented at 2010

Guys thats the end of this blog. I hoped you Enjoy! Stay Tuned Bye!

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