Hi guys, I will be blogging about a programming language called Groovy. I hope you enjoy!

Apache Groovy - Wikipedia

What is groovy used for?

Groovy is programming and scripting language for the Java platform. Groovy uses a curly bracket syntax similar to Java’s.

Is Groovy worth learning?

Groovy is a natural choice for java programmer. Groovy is easy to learn and you can still use all your java knowledge. Groovy is a dynamic language, after try to learn a functional language like Scala.

Is Groovy popular?

Groovy is getting popular and popular according to the February update which is TIOBE and Index which makes groovy popular. In 2020 groovy leaped to the 49th place to the 19th place.

Guys thats the end of this blog. I hoped you Guys enjoyed! Bye!

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