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Gala Games is a game development platform for blockchain play-to-earn games. It’s a platform that has many games that is played to earn money. This platform is built on Ethereum and Binance smart chain. It’s where you earn coins or points playing these games and later on you can invest it on NFT’S or ETHEREUM or MONEY. There are many games to play but most of them, you need to pay money or GALA Power to play them.

GAMES (15)

  • Champions Arena
  • Superior
  • Spider tanks
  • Town star
  • Fortitude
  • Legends Reborn
  • Battlestar Galactica Eternity
  • GRIT
  • Eternal Paradox
  • The Walking Dead: Empires
  • Town Crush
  • Mirandus
  • Legacy
  • Last Expedition
  • Echoes of Empire

All these games are unique play-to-earn games but most of them are for money or GALA Power. The game I play is Town Star since it’s free and quite simple. Maybe later on I’ll explain each game in each blog.

GALA Power

Gala Power is power that you need to buy so you can get more NFT’S. In the top right corner, it will show your level of Gala, If you want to earn Gala Power, you need to buy Gala and if you buy Gala, you can use more NFT’S at once. Example if you have 7 levels of Gala Power, you can use 7 NFT’S at once.

  • There’s also a store in Gala Games just like Epic Games where you can buy unique items to improve your game.

Soon later, I’ll explain each game in Gala Games so you guys can be interested on getting it.

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