cloud coding for fun Part 1 Part 1

Hi guys welcome back to another blog. Today i will teach you about my coding org. It is a website that you can do coding and have fun and you can learn and students can learn basics of coding. Even students can learn skills.In this coding program there are levels and places that you can see the spirit of basic coding whenever i moved one level it became harder and harder i kept on trying then i finally got it by levels .

Now i will teach you about and the platform that i went in was minecraft. It was a really fun game even without coding because i knew this game and i knew how to play it. I thought why don’t i do coding minecraft and education minecraft so then i finally searched this website and i got it then i went in and went in minecraft there was a lot of modes i did’nt know what to choose the names are Minecraft Voyage Aquatic,Minecraft Hero’s Journey

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