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Delta robots – gearboxes and actuators by WITTENSTEIN - WITTENSTEIN SE

What does the Delta robot do?

Delta robots are used for to design to move at high speed and perform repetitive tasks quickly consistently. These robots can replace a manual processes where over a 100 parts per minute are being picked, sorted and placed.

What sensors does the Delta robot have?

The Delta robot has a force sensor and uses the sensor for intricate assembly applications. The collisions detection sensor which alerts the robot if pressure is sensed.

Who invented Delta robot?

The Delta robot was invented in the early 1980’s. It was created by professer Reymond Clavel at the École Polytechnique FĂ©dĂ©rale de Lausanne.

Where is the Delta robot used?

Delta robots are used in apllication where the robot is picking products in group and placing them in the container or in assembly pattern.

What do you do in robotics?

Robotics engineers are responsible for designing and testing and building robots that may be useful and cool. Robotics engineers use computers – aided and design drafting and computer aiding manufacturing systems to perform their task.


These skills are complex problem solving ,robotics savvy ,programming mindset ,systems thinking,python programming,efficient solution design,adaptability and flexibility and finally artificial intelligence wow these are a lot of skills.

SCARA robots. :D

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What is SCARA robots used for?

The SCARA robot is mainly used for pick and place or assembly operations where high speed and high accuracy is required. A SCARA robot can operate at higher speed and with optional cleanroom specification.

What does SCARA robot mean?

The SCARA acronym stands for Selective Compliance Assembly robot arm Selective Compliance Articulated Arm. 

How much does a SCARA robot cost?

Stäubli launched their impressive top mounted TP80 SCARA robot. The SCARA robot is costed 46 000 to 50 000, but it can handle 200 parts per minute.

Who invented SCARA robots

SCARA was created by Professor Hiroshi Makino Yamanashi University in Japan.

Okay guys now we will be labelling the robot.

Kinematics of AdeptThree Robot Arm | IntechOpen

So, Let’s start off with the top right of the SCARA robot. In the top right there is a little rectangle called Quill Cover. Then go to the left side of it and it is called outer link. Go left and it is called joint 2 as-well when you go left again and it is called joint 1. Lets go left-side and there is a big column called joint 1 column. go down to the area where there are small rectangles and that area is called Base Enclosure. Go up again and there is a rectangle called inner-link. Then go right there is a small rectangle called User Flange. Go up and this is the final part of SCARA robots which is joint 3 and joint 4 [quill].

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Hi Guys, Welcome to another blog. We will be blogging about robotics.

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A robotic is an interdisciplinary research area at the interface of computer science and engineering. A point of robotics is to create robotics to make life easier and safer in the world.

What is robotics technology?

Robotic’s technologies consist of all process necessary to design build and maintain robot. Robots are intelligent and smart so the robotics technology is that robots do things wisely and makes u safer in the world.

How do Robotics change the world?

It makes u an easier life a safer life and a better life if you are sick or in special need for the hospital. Robotics is like you mini-friend that does anything for you.

Who invented robotics?

George Devol created Robotics. IN 1954 he got the plan for creating robotics. In 1956 he built his first ever robot called Unimate with his partner Joseph.

How is robotics used today?

Robotics are used to help people and it is used in dangerous environments. They are used to help people such as construction sites area’s that need’s help.

What is the average salary for a robotics enginner?

They get paid a highly 70 000 to 150 000 DOLLARS.

How many years does it take to get fully known about robotics?

It takes like 4 to 5 years if you are a quick learner but if you are a slow learner it will take approximately 7 to 8 years.

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