What you need to become a data scientist!

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1 Big data analytics entails the use and study of broad data sets in order to assist businesses in making better use of knowledge about customer trends and industry dynamics. The term “big data” refers to data sets that are so large and diverse that traditional data processing applications cannot handle them.

2 Java is a programming language used by programmers for a wide range of tasks. Java is one of the most basic and widely used programming languages, and it is required knowledge for anybody working in the field of computer science, including data scientists.

3 Machine Learning: Machine learning researchers look at the models, algorithms, and mathematics that machines use to enhance their results. Data science encompasses machine-learning algorithms that make use of data.

4 Hadoop: Hadoop is a set of open-source computing applications used by data scientists to work with large amounts of data. It was created by the Apache Software Foundation. Data scientists who know how to use the Hadoop suite of software also stand out from the crowd.

5 Python is a 1991 general-purpose programming language. Python is considered by many programmers to be fundamental information for every computer science professional. Python comes with interpreters that allow it to run on a number of operating systems.

6 Data Mining/Data Warehouse: Data mining is the practise of searching for previously unrecognised trends or observations within a vast collection of data. A data warehouse is a computer facility designed primarily to analyse data. Data scientists should be able to mine data as well as create data warehouses.

7 SAS is a software suite designed exclusively for data collection and interpretation in order to gain market insights. The ability to use and learn SAS is one of the most important fundamental skills for data scientists, as it allows them to bring value to their employers by solving real-world problems.

8 SQL stands for Structured Query Language, and it is a programming language for database administration. Both aspiring data scientists should stay up to date with the new SQL developments and advancements.

9 R is a programming language that specialises in statistics and graphics. R is considered fundamental expertise by many computer scientists. R is particularly important to data scientists because of its role in statistics.

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1 Does games like Fortnite , call of duty and Roblox have html ? True or false

2 Is java script a coding language ? True or false

3 who created coding?

4 When was python released?

5 Can robotics make your life easier? True or false

Try and answer here questions comment the answers first one to comment will be brilliant at coding. See you guys later and let’s get running to answer these questions

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The most commonly used programming languages by developers


Java script is the most common programming language, with a share of 67.7%. HTML/CSS came in second at 63.1 percent. Wow, the difference between Java script and HTML/CSS is stark. SQL comes in second place with 54.7 percent, barely ahead of HTML/CSS. Python is in fourth place with 44.1 percent, behind Java and C++ (40.2 percent). We’ll catch up with you in the next fantastic update. These are the top 5 coding languages in the world, and if you learn one of these languages, you can be assured of a high-paying job. Isn’t that awesome and wonderful? The top 5 coding languages have wages ranging from $90,000 to $200,000, which is extraordinary and one of the most common occupations on the market. Programming workers are in high demand right now, and the industry is willing to embrace them.

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Now what is Rust?
This programming language is a multi-paradigm language made for performance and safety. Rust is similar to C++ BUT can declare memory safety by using a borrow checker to validate references,

Learn Rust
Rust fondly nicknamed “The Book”, This programming language will give you a general outlook from first principles. You’ll construct a few projects along the way, and when you finish it, you will have all knowledge of Rust

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Yo Guys, Welcome to another blog! Hope you guys are doing well with all the pandemic going around, It’s really tough every where, BUT do remember to keep clean. So today, We are going to talk about SQL.

SQL is a programming language just like the others. It is a very unique programming language and I think it is a stop ten language of everything.

If you guys have been wondering, what does SQL stand for, It stands for Structured Query Language. Let’s explain to YOU guys what is SQL?!

SQL is the standard and most widely used programming language for relational databases. It is handled to organise data in all sort of systems in which a lot of data relationships exist. SQL is a valuable programming language with strong career prospects.

There is a lot of information of SQL in the internet, so if my blog is enough just search up SQL,

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Code Combat Ep.1 Click Gait

Hi, Guys, I’m back, I will be putting a lot of blogs about this game called Codecombat.com, It’s a Game where you get a character and do commands to it, so you can get Victory’s. If you want to try it, Search Code Combat.com.

I’ve Played A Lot of levels already. I finished the first map which was Kind of hard,

As You Can see I finished the first map 45/49 and the second map 13/13

I couldn’t finish the rest of the KithGard Map as it was hard challenges for Pros. I tried it But was TOUGH!!

I am Up to Game Development Level 2

Click Gait, Tense Rising Now!!!

So, I will be running you guys, How to go Through these levels, Starting from Now:

In the game, it states, You have to move to the Red marks to Win?, So Lets Get It!!!

This level is pretty hard, so let’s see the hints:

As, You can see, The hints help you a lot…BUT not that much. Let’s click the play button so the codes or commands given by the game work’s?!

Let’s see the hints again, It said to click the play button and move the ferocious character around the map with your mouse or mousepad.
Let’s go to the first Red Cross.

Moved to the first red cross, Now to the second one!

The second one completed!, Last one to go! AND Victory!!!

Done the third one, LET’S SEE OUR VICTORY!!! Let’s Go!

Yay! Guys, We Won, If you guys enjoy, these type of blogs, I will be doing more and more!

Cya!!! Guys later when it’s the next level!!! Another Win???

Matlab (Finally Back)

Hey, Guys… Im finally back to blogging in CLOUDYCODES.COM. I hope you Guys enjoy to what my friends and I do. Today we will be doing Matlab. πŸ˜€

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What Is Matlab?
Matlab is a programming language and numerical computing environment invented by MathWork. Matlab users come from various background of engineering, science and economics.

Is Python better than Matlab?
Matlab is the easiest programming language for engineers and scientists. The only top programming language dedicated to mathematical and technical computing, but Python is still a good programming language.

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