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What is Node?

Node.Js is an opens source cross platform javascript runtime environment that executes javascript code outside a web browser.

Is Node a language?

Node is not a programming language, it used javascript language as the main programming interface.

Is Node popular?

Now, Node may look’s like A another programming language BUT it is not. Node is popular because it use javascript as its main language.

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M-i-c-ro B-i-t

MB80-US Micro:bit: 1 card and 1 startup guide

As you guys know what the tittle, We are going to be talking about Micro Bits.

Micro Bit is a fascinating devise that lets you do anything on it such as, playing games, education and all the other stuff.

Now let’s label all of the parts.

labelled micro:bit device front and back

Let’s do the first one. [front of it]

  • 25 LED lights: Are to play the games and do education in it but how…
  • 2 buttons: The 2 buttons are the control buttons that make the LED lights move
  • USB connector: The USB connecter is the charger for the Micro Bit.
  • Pins: Pins. On the bottom edge of your BBC micro:bit there are 25 gold strips, called pins. These pins  allow you to really get creative. You can create circuits, connect external things like buzzers and motors and make your own fun projects.

Now lets do the second one. [the back of it]

  • Reset button: The reset button is used for resetting everything if there is a problem with the micro bit.

Guys Thats what i know about the back, I never used to study it 🙂

Now here are some questions or should i say QUIZ time!!!!!

Quiz: Planning for retirement

Psss: Its not really a quiz just some questions 😀

1.What do micro bits do?The micro:bit can be programmed to do a number of different things, it can be a digital watch, fitness tracker or a games console. The device features 25 LED lights and two programmable buttons, which can be used in game-play or to skip through tracks in a playlist.

2.What can a micro bit detect?The really interesting side-effect of having an accelerometer is gesture detection. … micro:bit is able to recognise the following gestures: up , down , left , right , face up , face down , free fall , 3g , 6g , 8g , shake . Gestures are always represented as strings.

3.What is a micro:bit? Print. It is a pocket-sized computer 70 times smaller and 18 times faster than the original BBC Micro computers used in schools. It has 25 red LED lights that can flash messages and be used to create games.

3.How big is a micro bit?The physical board measures 43 mm × 52 mm and, in its first production run, included: Nordic nRF51822 – 16 MHz 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 microcontroller, 256 KB flash memory, 16 KB static RAM, 2.4 GHz Bluetooth low energy wireless networking.

4.What language does micro bit use?Python programming languageThe BBC micro:bit is a small computing device for children. One of the languages it understands is the popular Python programming language. The version of Python that runs on the BBC micro:bit is called MicroPython.

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Microbit Learning

Hi guys. Yall probably wondering whats a Microbit. Well Ill show a picture of it. Here you go!

BBC micro:bit - Ebotics

Thats a Micro Bit. Its basically a little coding technical game that allows you to play games.

In the back of it ….

BBC micro:bit: how the device works, features, and coding ...

It is all complicated and confusing. A Micro Bit is a little mini-game BUT its not a game that you can just download in app store.

Its a little game that you have to use your laptop and device to upload the games.

When I got my hands on a Micro Bit, I was REALLY confused. My teacher gave me a computer and I got handed a Micro Bit. They told me the basics of it.

Micro:bit - Getting Started — UCL BBC micro:bit tutorial

of the Micro Bit and thats it for now…

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