The most commonly used programming languages by developers


Java script is the most common programming language, with a share of 67.7%. HTML/CSS came in second at 63.1 percent. Wow, the difference between Java script and HTML/CSS is stark. SQL comes in second place with 54.7 percent, barely ahead of HTML/CSS. Python is in fourth place with 44.1 percent, behind Java and C++ (40.2 percent). We’ll catch up with you in the next fantastic update. These are the top 5 coding languages in the world, and if you learn one of these languages, you can be assured of a high-paying job. Isn’t that awesome and wonderful? The top 5 coding languages have wages ranging from $90,000 to $200,000, which is extraordinary and one of the most common occupations on the market. Programming workers are in high demand right now, and the industry is willing to embrace them.

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Is data scientist in high demand?

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Yes data scientist are in demand for data skills is growing strongly exponentially, according to job sites. The supply of skilled applicants, however, is growing at a slower pace. but it awesome time to be a data scientist entering the job market more employers than ever are looking to hire data scientist.

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what course do you have to do to get data science?

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There are three different general steps and advise to become a data scientist firstly earn a bachelor degree in IT computer science,maths, physics, or a related field to earn a master degree in data or related to field to gain experience in the field you guys intend to work in business.

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What is the difference between coding and programming ?

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At most basic level programming is a broader discipline and coding coding is a narrower one.
coding involves writing many lines of code in order to create a software program.
some experienced programmers use a word called coder as jargon that refers to beginner.

Can i learn python myself ?

of-course its possible only if you guys are interested just dive in python is one language well suited for beginners and and it is also widely used professionally also a good choice there are lots of communities that do python the only thing you guys have to do is join them?

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what do you need to learn in python?

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1>Expertise in core python

2>good grasp of web frameworks

3.object relational mappers

4>road to data science

5>machine learning Ai

6>deep learning

7>deep learning

8>understanding of multi -process Architecture

9>Analytical skills.

How long does it take to learn python?

For an average programmer it takes 6 to 8 weeks to at least learn the basics.

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How difficult is coding?

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Its a simple word no it not to learn coding or anything the only things you need is patience and time why maybe its hard for you is because your not giving it patience, time, persistence, that is all.

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