The Tasmanian Ship

Hi There, I am going to tell you a description about a Tasmanian ship called Spirit of Tasmania.

Before i tell you about the Tasmanian ship, Let me inform you whats a Tasmanian ship . A Tasmanian ship is located in Australia that sails Melbourne to Tasmania or Tasmania to Melbourne . So let’s start the description.

So one day, I went in the Tasmanian ship and it was HUGE like the size of 100 houses or more. There were so many rooms and cabins to stay in. As soon as i stepped into the MASSIVE! ship I went to my cabin. There were like so many cabins to stay in. Did you know that the cleaners of the ship have 1 hour or 2 to clean up the WHOLE ship.

After i went to the mini cute cabin I viewed the room and everything was so nice and I’ll prefer 5 STARS. After we settled, the time was ticking so we went all the way up to the balcony to see the view of the ocean. We went to the back of the ship and saw so MANY seagulls following us.

So many sea salt was spraying into us. After that I was exploring the nice ship. There were parks, Gaming areas and xbox to play for free. There were many things to view. There were even movie theatre to watch the latest movies. It was so fun!

I’ll be telling the rest of the story later! For now See you next time!


Hey again, Let’s continue CODECOMBAT the python game story.

So after I learned all the basic stuff i went to the other map . There was 2 maps to choose Web development and Game development . I chose’d Web development .

When my dad informed me about Web development HTML and stuff like that , He told me that we can make Websites. I was shocked so i started doing the first one .

IT WAS SO CONFUSING. I thought i would be never able to do this. When my dad told me i learned and developed my brain. As soon as i finished the map which took 13 stages my dad created me a website.

He had to pay a lot of money to get the Website . As soon as i got it I started working on it . I learned all the stuff that makes the website. I created so many things .

After like 1 hour , My dad informed me about blog. I learned what was a blog. A blog is a journal or information that you write .I started writing blogs. And now here i am making blogs.

I hoped everyone enjoyed my story and Thank you!


My son was bugging me that we do a blog or website. So one fine morning we thought of registering a new website and here we go – cloudycodes 🙂

I havent done blogging for a very long time, so brushing up myself with wordpress.

Keep tuned, I will blog about software, devopsy stuff in coming days…

I had experience a python game called CODECOMBAT. part 1.

Whenever i was at home i got bored just playing ROBLOX and it was annoying. So one day, my dad came up to me and looked for some online python games or apps. He found a learning game called CODECOMBAT and it was about python.

From that day on i learned fast and i used to do it everyday. CODECOMBAT inspired me so i thought to make a website and learn HTML scripting and more adventuring stuff!

I created a account and logged in and saw plenty of maps. I clicked the first map and was in shock. There were plenty of stages to do. I clicked the first stage and was confused. I called my dad and asked him help as he is a programmer.

I asked my dad and he told me the concepts and basics of the game. As soon as he told me i did it as quick as flash. The few stages were pretty easy but when i was finishing the stages it got harder and harder . I need help alot .

When i asked my dad he didn’t tell me the answer, he told me this CODECOMBAT forum . CODECOMBAT forum is a discussion where the whole world ask questions and chat.

I used the forum plenty of times that I was promoted as a trust member. So the forum had basic trust level 1 and trust level 2. i was promoted to trust level 1.

I learned many things such as while true, hero.moveRight and hero.attack . I kept on doing these stages that i finished the whole map and was ready to go to the next one.

I will continue my experiences in my next blog . Just keep tune . Byeeee!!!!!