Hey again, Let’s continue CODECOMBAT the python game story.

So after I learned all the basic stuff i went to the other map . There was 2 maps to choose Web development and Game development . I chose’d Web development .

When my dad informed me about Web development HTML and stuff like that , He told me that we can make Websites. I was shocked so i started doing the first one .

IT WAS SO CONFUSING. I thought i would be never able to do this. When my dad told me i learned and developed my brain. As soon as i finished the map which took 13 stages my dad created me a website.

He had to pay a lot of money to get the Website . As soon as i got it I started working on it . I learned all the stuff that makes the website. I created so many things .

After like 1 hour , My dad informed me about blog. I learned what was a blog. A blog is a journal or information that you write .I started writing blogs. And now here i am making blogs.

I hoped everyone enjoyed my story and Thank you!

I had experience a python game called CODECOMBAT. part 1.

Whenever i was at home i got bored just playing ROBLOX and it was annoying. So one day, my dad came up to me and looked for some online python games or apps. He found a learning game called CODECOMBAT and it was about python.

From that day on i learned fast and i used to do it everyday. CODECOMBAT inspired me so i thought to make a website and learn HTML scripting and more adventuring stuff!

I created a account and logged in and saw plenty of maps. I clicked the first map and was in shock. There were plenty of stages to do. I clicked the first stage and was confused. I called my dad and asked him help as he is a programmer.

I asked my dad and he told me the concepts and basics of the game. As soon as he told me i did it as quick as flash. The few stages were pretty easy but when i was finishing the stages it got harder and harder . I need help alot .

When i asked my dad he didn’t tell me the answer, he told me this CODECOMBAT forum . CODECOMBAT forum is a discussion where the whole world ask questions and chat.

I used the forum plenty of times that I was promoted as a trust member. So the forum had basic trust level 1 and trust level 2. i was promoted to trust level 1.

I learned many things such as while true, hero.moveRight and hero.attack . I kept on doing these stages that i finished the whole map and was ready to go to the next one.

I will continue my experiences in my next blog . Just keep tune . Byeeee!!!!!