Matlab (Finally Back)

Hey, Guys… Im finally back to blogging in CLOUDYCODES.COM. I hope you Guys enjoy to what my friends and I do. Today we will be doing Matlab. 😀

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What Is Matlab?
Matlab is a programming language and numerical computing environment invented by MathWork. Matlab users come from various background of engineering, science and economics.

Is Python better than Matlab?
Matlab is the easiest programming language for engineers and scientists. The only top programming language dedicated to mathematical and technical computing, but Python is still a good programming language.

Guys… That will be it.. More blogs will be popping up. I hope you enjoyed AND CYAAA!!!

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Hi guys hope you are all well about this terrible china virus but don’t worry it will all be alright and ALWAYS WEAR A surgical mask and I will pray for us all GOD BLESS YOU ALL the people who have lost their job and who have got the virus STAY SAFE by the way we are gonna post ASAP because me and my friends are all in online learning doing our assessments we get around 3-4 assessments to complete by one week it takes us around 2-3 hours to finish so we will be trying our best to add more informal blogs as I was reading one of the the comments that said can “CAN YOU GUYS CHANGE THE STRUCTURE OF THE BLOGS” and my response is yes I will so if you guys want me to change something just type it in the comments and REMEMBER to notify your friends about this website


Top 4 Famous Computer Programmers Who Started Programming at an Early Age.

We looked at young computer programmers who are making waves around the world and tech leaders who started programming at an early age.

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1. Bill Gates 

7 Famous Computer Programmers Who Started Programming at an Early Age

2. Muhammad Hamza Shahzad

7 Famous Computer Programmers Who Started Programming at an Early Age

Age: 9

Quote: “I want to be Bill Gates.” 

Coding Fact: Muhammad Hamza Shahzad is currently the youngest coder in the world. 

3. Daphne Koller

7 Famous Computer Programmers Who Started Programming at an Early Age

4. Tanmay Bakshi

7 Famous Computer Programmers Who Started Programming at an Early Age

Age: 15

Quote: “You have to be passionate about programming before you can program.”

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If you are looking to jump into coding, or know of a young person that would like to try coding. There are plenty of resources across the web. Though these will not turn you into a software engineer overnight, they are a great place to start. Tools like Minecraft for Education, Kodable, and Tynker are perfect for kids, while Udacity Codecademy can help adults get started.

When did you start learning to code, and how do you think it impacted your life? 

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who created coding?

mphh!!! thats a question? so today we will see about who created coding!!!

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So lets get started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

who was the first person to do coding?

Ada LovelaceIn 1842, Ada Lovelace Wrote the World’s First Computer Program. Today I found out that Ada Lovelace was the world’s first computer programmer all the way back in the mid-1800s, writing the world’s first computer program in 1842.

Who found coding?

, an early systems programming language, was developed by Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson at Bell Labs between 1969 and 1973.

so guys thats it for today hope you guys enjoys so long guys!

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Hi, Guys. I will be blogging about a programming language called Q#. I hope you guys enjoy!

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What is Q#?
Q# is a programming language for array processing, developed by Arthur Whitney. It is proprietary software, commercialised by Kk systems. Q serves the Query language for kdb+, a disk based anin memory column based database. KDB+ is based on the language k, terse a variant of the language APL.

  • Facts:
  • Developer: Microsoft
  • Filename extensions: QS
  • Typing Discipline: Static, Strong
  • Platform: Common Language Infrastructure

Guys, Thats the end of this blog. I hoped you guys enjoyed and learned something! Cya next time! Stay tuned for more blogs!

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Type of Projects for Raspberry Pi!

Hi, Guys. I will blogging about the different types of Raspberry Pi. If you don’t know whats Raspberry Pi, here read this blog Raspberry Pi. Click that. Let’s start shall we!

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  • You can make a Minecraft server.
  • Make a PI twitter bot.
  • Network monitoring tool.
  • Build a TOR router.
  • Wireless print server.
  • FM Radio Station.
  • Raspberry Pi NAS File Server.
  • You can play exclusive games.

There is a lot of other projects YOU guys can do such as school projects and many more. I hoped you guys enjoyed and learned something. Cya next time!!

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Hi Guys, I will be blogging about a HIGH programming language called ABAP. Ready?

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What is ABAP?
ABAP is a high level programming language created by the German software company SAP SE. It is extracted by the base computing languages C C++, Java and Python.

Is ABAP worth learning?
Yes, it is worth learning when used in the context of other applications like ABAP HANA, ABAP FOR S4HANNA, ABAP FOR BW, ABAP FOR BPC, ABAP FOR CRM and many more. As a standalone tool it is struggling. For any technical educated guy, this is a main entry point for you guys to start with.

  • Facts:
  • Made at September 20, 2019.
  • Designed by SAP.
  • Typing discipline: Static, safe, strong, nominative

Guys. This is the end of this blog, I hoped you guys enjoyed something and learned something. Cya guys next time!

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What are some cool programming projects?

Hey guys welcome back I am really sorry that i couldn’t blog in a while due to a eye test and some other busy stuff

Anyaways,Today I will talk about cool programming projects so lets get started

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  • Beginner Programming Projects.
  • Make Your Own Chess Game.
  • Code a Mobile App.
  • Build Your Own Calculator.
  • Create a To-Do List App.
  • Develop a Weight Conversion Tool.
  • Code a Rock, Paper, Scissors Game.
  • Build Your Own Tic Tac Toe Game.

so guys i will be making another blog verey very soon so succers

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