Season 6 VS Season 7. (Fortnite)

In this blog I will be explaining you guys which season in chapter 2 fortnite is better for me. If you guys like the game fortnite, make sure to subscribe to my channel. The link will be down below after this blog. Which season is better? Season 6 (Primal) or Season 7 (Invasion.) Comment down below which is YOUR favourite season.

Your guide to survival in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6: Primal –  PlayStation.Blog

Season 6
Season 6 was a very odd season for me. Season 6 had a lot of creativity like getting mechanical parts and crafting them to different types of guns. Season 6 also had new weapons called the primal weapons. For me, I really didn’t like the primal weapons. Primal shotgun which was very very good at the start of the season was my least favourite shotgun. At the start of the season, It was so broken at the game. It did a lot of damage. But as the season went through, it got worser and worser. The good thing about the season is that there was bows and the mighty best shotgun arrived at the game (Pump Shotgun.) The bows were very significant and very fun to use. It was a unique weapon. There was also other new guns called makeshift weapons. Those weapons were really bad and weapons that I never liked. Comment down below if you liked the makeshift weapons. There was also cool NPC’S (Not-Player character) who did significant moves. Some Npc’s will fight you and some are calm. My favourite Npc is the Raz.

Super Level to Unlock Relic Styles of Tarana, Raz, and Spire Assassin!
Season 6
Story Trailer For Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 7 - YouTube
Season 7

Season 7 was a very cool and insane season. It was about aliens and ufo’s invading the map. There is a huge massive ufo invading the whole map. It was crazy. Ufo’s were abducting different types of cities. The middle of the map change a lot. There were new weapons like, Pulse rifles (I didn’t like) recon scanner and rail gun which I really loved. There is new guns coming out like the plasma cannon and the grab-i-tron. Even superman is part of this season, also the rick skin. The most insane thing I liked was the rift tour. A huge celebrity was added in fortnite, Araiana Grande. Starting from August 7, There was a huge event called the rift tour. I attended the rift tour and it was insane. It had a lot of creativity. Comment down bellow if you attended the rift tour! If you want more info about these seasons., comment below!

Fortnite' Season 7 Battle Pass Skins Revealed: Superman, Rick And Morty And Battle  Pass Overhaul
Season 7

Now the part you’ve all been waiting for, which season I really like the most? My opinion is… Season 7. I really liked season 7 and I really like the rift tour they added. It was really fun playing and was very cool. Comment below if you liked season 7!

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Nintendo Switch

So in this blog I will be talking about Nintendo switch. I personally have a switch myself and I love it. Nintendo Switch is a device like PS4 or XBOX. Nintendo Switch is used for gaming and mostly Mario games. There is a lot of types of Nintendo switch, I have the red Mario edition. There is way more like Neon and the new edition – The Oled model.

Nintendo switch is very popular mostly because of Mario games. There is a lot of games you can download such as fortnite in Nintendo switch in the games store. Nintendo switch is very awesome because it is portable. You can take your Nintendo switch and roam around the whole world with your switch. You can not do that with PS4’s or XBOX. I took my switch around states. It is also very fun as you can play with your siblings and have fun with them. This is why I recommend Nintendo Switch.

Until next time, Peace!

Nintendo Switch Mario Red & Blue Edition Console - Nintendo Switch - EB  Games Australia


What is up guys! It’s been a long time since I blogged, but now I’m back. Today I have some announcements relating to youtube.

I have officially made a new Youtube channel…

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Ya’ll are probably wondering… Why am I blogging about the game fortnite, well the reason is that there is no reason. I’m pretty much just blogging about a game, I know this is kind of off-topic so if you don’t want to read this blog just skip it. Most of you guys probably know what FORTNITE is BUT today I will be just explaining what it is. If you guys don’t know fortnite you can read this blog! So stay tuned!

Psss : Neymar Jr just came in fortnite, if you want him it’s your only chance now!

What is Fortnite?
Fortnite is a successful game created 25th July 2017. Fortnite earned nearly 2.5 billion dollars, That is a lot of money! After fortnite was created, it had been taken all over the internet. Fortnite is a action game where you jump of a bus (known as the battle bus) and land in an area. You search for weapons and gain materials. After that you have to fight other online players and be the last one standing. There are many other game modes also like : duos, trios, creative and many more that people create. Now fortnite changes seasons every 1 month to 3 to 4 months. This means that there will be a new map, new guns and new places. Also there are levels, if you want to gain more levels than you have to do quests to earn XP, the more XP you get, that means your gaining more levels. There are many skins also, if you download fortnite, you will start with a ordinary skin which is called the default skin. If you want to purchase these items, you need Vbux and if you want Vbux you need to purchase it by credit cars or other cards or you can get gift cards. Fortnite uses the programming language C++ as it is an action game and was built using unreal engine.

If you enjoyed my blog make sure to comment if you want. If you guys are really convinced to get fortnite, it’s free. If you guys want more information just comment down below and I will tell you guys later. Until next time. Peace.

Which type of games have Python or other programming languages!

Hey guys, welcome back to another blog. I will be trying to make a lot of blogs from now on so stay tuned! Now today we will be talking about which type of games have different type of programming languages, If you don’t under stand what I mean, Look down below!

Types of games and what programming languages are written in to it!

Fortnite = The game fortnite uses C++ as their programming language because it was created in the Unreal 4 engine, the code used for the game is C++.

Brawlhalla = Brawlhalla is similar to fortnite as they are action games, Brawlhalla uses C and C++ as their programming language.

Minecraft = The Minecraft game uses Java which probably is similar to you. The owner of Minecraft (Notch) decided to use Java for the Minecraft game.

Roblox = Roblox uses Lua as their programming language which is very simple to use, powerful and widely used.

Valorant = Valorant is also similar to fortnite and brawlhalla as valorant is also an action game, Valorant uses C++ but not C.

So this is the end of this blog, if you guys enjoyed make sure to comment if you want, If you want to know a bit more about other games, tell it in the comments! Peace.


So what I will be talking today about is Adsense, So I hope you guys learn something about Adsense today!

What is Adsense and How is it worked?
So Adsense is pretty much where you can get adds and place it in your websites, Adsense is used by many people. When you get your adds from Adsense and you want to get paid, the only way you get paid is by random people over the worlds click your add’s. If you want to get paid a lot with only a few clicks, you need more content in your websites. The more content the more better. Adsense was created in 18 June 2003. Around 38.3 million people use Adsense in websites. If you want Adsense go to

My Experience of Adsense!

So after I created my website, My dad had requested the Adsense owners if we can have some adds. It usually takes 3 days to 2 weeks to confirm it but due to COVID-19 I couldn’t get my add’s for a year! I always dreamed about how easy Adsense is because I thought you can spam click your own adds and get a lot of money but boy, I was wrong! After all that waiting (1 year) It finally accepted our request. From then on me and my friends blogged a lot so we can get more money per click. You are allowed to get so much money per month if people click your adds. Remember, if you get Adsense, do not spam click adds or Adsense won’t pay you!

This is the end of this blog, I hoped you guys enjoyed and taking care. I will see you guys later. Peace.

A-Maze-Ing CodeCombat

Hey, what is up guys, welcome back to another code combat blog. I haven’t been active for a while so that’s why I’m here! Now, today we will be doing a level in code combat in game development. This level is called A-Maze-Ing, Hope you guys enjoy and learn something!

So this is the starting

I can see a gem in the mapappend and 2 crosses, Lets look at the hints!

Ok, It says you can use game.spawnXY() to spawn a forest and a chest of gems, And you can collect goals, Lets click play and see what happends!

The directions are collect two items, So what I think is we have to spawn two items and go to it?! Let’s find out!

It says, collect two items, so what if we make a maze with the forest, and collect the items or the chest?! let’s try that!

So I reloaded the page and located to forest at game.spawnXY(“forest” , 34, 23)

Let’s make another forest to finish the maze!

Ok, I spawned another forest at game.spawnXY(forest” , 50, 23)

Now lets use the avatar to go through the maze and collect the chest, Hopefully we get a victory!

So that’s how you win! Hope you guys learned something! And I will see you next blog! Peace!


Hey Guys, Welcome to another blog, I will be trying my best to do daily blogs for you guys to try and learn at gives , If you guys don’t understand some of MY blogs, Just comment and tell me and I will give you more Info about it. Now Let’s Get Started.

Now what is Rust?
This programming language is a multi-paradigm language made for performance and safety. Rust is similar to C++ BUT can declare memory safety by using a borrow checker to validate references,

Learn Rust
Rust fondly nicknamed “The Book”, This programming language will give you a general outlook from first principles. You’ll construct a few projects along the way, and when you finish it, you will have all knowledge of Rust

So Thats the end guys, If you enjoyed make sure to comment and i’ll see you guys later!


Yo Guys, Welcome to another blog! Hope you guys are doing well with all the pandemic going around, It’s really tough every where, BUT do remember to keep clean. So today, We are going to talk about SQL.

SQL is a programming language just like the others. It is a very unique programming language and I think it is a stop ten language of everything.

If you guys have been wondering, what does SQL stand for, It stands for Structured Query Language. Let’s explain to YOU guys what is SQL?!

SQL is the standard and most widely used programming language for relational databases. It is handled to organise data in all sort of systems in which a lot of data relationships exist. SQL is a valuable programming language with strong career prospects.

There is a lot of information of SQL in the internet, so if my blog is enough just search up SQL,

Hope you enjoyed my blog!, My next blog will probably be a CODE COMBAT one, So See you guys on my next blog!!!

Code Combat Ep.1 Click Gait

Hi, Guys, I’m back, I will be putting a lot of blogs about this game called, It’s a Game where you get a character and do commands to it, so you can get Victory’s. If you want to try it, Search Code

I’ve Played A Lot of levels already. I finished the first map which was Kind of hard,

As You Can see I finished the first map 45/49 and the second map 13/13

I couldn’t finish the rest of the KithGard Map as it was hard challenges for Pros. I tried it But was TOUGH!!

I am Up to Game Development Level 2

Click Gait, Tense Rising Now!!!

So, I will be running you guys, How to go Through these levels, Starting from Now:

In the game, it states, You have to move to the Red marks to Win?, So Lets Get It!!!

This level is pretty hard, so let’s see the hints:

As, You can see, The hints help you a lot…BUT not that much. Let’s click the play button so the codes or commands given by the game work’s?!

Let’s see the hints again, It said to click the play button and move the ferocious character around the map with your mouse or mousepad.
Let’s go to the first Red Cross.

Moved to the first red cross, Now to the second one!

The second one completed!, Last one to go! AND Victory!!!

Done the third one, LET’S SEE OUR VICTORY!!! Let’s Go!

Yay! Guys, We Won, If you guys enjoy, these type of blogs, I will be doing more and more!

Cya!!! Guys later when it’s the next level!!! Another Win???