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Yo guys welcome back to a blog yes i know its been a while since the lat blog i actually done was 2020/07/23 so it’s been a while so today, i will be talking about the console x box Xbox is a lovely console you could watch youtube on it play really fun games such as Fifa 20, Fortnite and warfare.

Xbox Series accounts - How to add new accounts, guests and remove accounts  from the system •

Cool Features are

1. Play both Online and Offline Games.

2. Watch TV.

3. Listen to Music.

4. Watch Movies.

5. Watch YouTube clips.

6. Chat on Skype.

7. Record gaming moments & videos.

8. Browse the web.

9. Access your Sky Drive

I honestly think Xbox is a brilliant console that runs on 60 – 70 fps mid game and goes up to 100!! in lobby. And can last up to 1 tb i think that IS pure quality right there and is a whooping 4K.

Some disadvantages for Xbox, is that its not portable to take around anywhere like the Nintendo switch. It has a bunch of wires and its quite big the console itself. Other than that, the performance is amazing.

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